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Thread: *The universe*

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    *The universe*

    The universe and everything in it are random and chaotic,
    and to think otherwise is foolish.

    There is no divine plan,
    no method behind this madness and nothing to stop it from becoming anything else.

    Today's impossibe is tomorrow's commonplace.
    The only constant is change, and eventually,
    everything will be completely opposite as it is now.

    The universe is a stray balloon,
    floating wherever the wind takes it.
    This is probably the closest to the truth,
    on a universal level.

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    Re: *The universe*

    WOW, how many of these strange but impressive poems do you have?

    Just reading these poems makes me feel smart.

    These are some greats poems your producing keep it up.

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    Re: *The universe*

    This is a great poem. I love how it flows smoothly. It was an awesome poem to read. Keep up the outstanding work. =D

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