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    Deep inside I ache with despair as I glance around,
    not finding a reason to care.
    Eventually you will realize that life sucks,
    love isn't always real and happiness is only for a limited time,
    you learn who real freinds are.
    You learn how to hold back tears,
    and you learn how to act like you don't care
    There is no such thing a past,
    it's just a memory that fades with each step.
    Behind all those fake smiles,
    behind all this laughter lay my true sadness,
    locked up deep inside...
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    Re: Untitled

    Whoo!!! Lots of angst, my friend! Though I'd usually recommend rechecking the spelling of this piece (only one word was misspelled and that word is...HAPPINESS!), I'd also recommend a better title! Still a good read, though!


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    Re: Untitled

    i love this pome for the fact its true
    because life is more than just rainbows,
    and happy people pretending to be happy
    only makes the problem worse in the end.

    you have to acknowledge that life
    is harsh ,and that real freinds are
    people who only know the you on the
    outside no one takes the tme to know
    the real you anymore.

    this poem says alot of thing that i could
    go on about but i dont want to make this a
    junk post ,very awesome poem i like what i have
    read from you so far ,cant wait to read another

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