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    I put myself to shame
    Never should have existed
    I breathe in this air
    As I cry my tears
    As begin the blade close
    Cherishing as for it'd end me
    I know heading to where I belong
    My heart ripped from my body
    Torn in half like paper
    Why have you done this to me?
    My only who understand
    I shall push away
    Let myself be swallowed by darkness
    My purity is no longer there
    I close my eyes and cut my precious skin
    I smile feeling that blood drip down my arm
    I hate that I was known
    I wish I was never here in this life
    Let me die at the stike of midnight
    Forgive me for my wrong doings
    I regret nothing
    I regret nothing!!!
    I desever this wondering death
    I am happy now
    I am happy to die
    Dear god forgive this sin
    For as I earned this
    I feel weak as my blood sipped too much
    I close my eyes and smile
    I'll soon be gone from here
    Just as I wished
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    Re: untitled

    Punctuation. I'd like to see punctuation to add to the flow.
    Seduced by Flesh

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