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    When I first arrived here
    You were the first one who cared
    The one who was always there
    When I needed you

    We’ve been together
    For what seems like forever

    There are a few things
    That I need to say

    I couldn’t care less
    If you believe me
    But do know one thing
    I am and forever will be “Your Angel”

    You don’t know how much I feel for you
    The feelings are too complex to explain
    They are the indescribable ones
    That are stronger than life

    I know you’ve been hurt before
    But it will be different, it won’t end the same way
    Because, even if you don’t, I hope and know
    That we will be together someday

    I can’t explain to you why you should trust me
    And I have no desire to
    All I can tell you is
    I really and truly do love you

    I don’t judge you because your different
    And no matter what my parents think
    You are the one I want to be with
    For the rest of my life

    I love you the way you are
    Flaws and all

    Which means I’ll put up with you
    Each and every day

    Color has no meaning to me
    Race doesn’t either
    Just know that, in my eyes,
    You are everything

    Your perfect in every way
    You’re the one I think about every day
    The one I stay up to talk to
    Wait for each day

    I love you
    And nothing could ever change that
    Now if only I could get you
    To believe that too
    X.x.X The only thing I'll ever want... X.x.X

    X.x.X Is for you to love me the way I love you.. X.x.X

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    Re: Untitled

    very beutiful! I like the fealing that went into it and it is verry moving!!!!!!
    Darkness prevails at the end!!!!

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    Re: Untitled

    that touched me broken lover. It really did. Good job on this.I love the flow, bit off the rhyming but a good work i have seen^-^

    ♥~*The Princess*~♥
    Yeah, Bye.

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    Re: Untitled

    I agree with both necro and iluvmyloser the flow is nice, the poem is beutifull, and I must say even though in the second, third, ninth, and tenth stanzas there is fewer lines ( suggestion: combine the second with the third, and the ninth with the tenth) it still flows rather nicely. keep it up broken lover.
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    Re: Untitled

    very movin!!!!!!!!
    touched me deep down inside!!!
    you really have a skill!!!!

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