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    Rest in Peace Jackie...

    This is for my friend Jackie. I did not get to know her much, and out talking was cut short. I talked to her sister and brother, Sarah and Phil, while she was recovering from an injury that she sustained the next day after talking to her. It's been about a week or so, but I heard the grave news tonight. Jackie will be laid to rest soon. My full heart and prayers are with the two children, sister and brother, that were left behind. My prayers go to God, so that he can give them what they need. Love. Support. Life. Please dear God... listen to me and grant these children safety and love. My tears are proof that I care, and so let this be my goodbye to Jackie.

    I barely got to talk,
    to someone so sweet.
    We were even suppose,
    to even eventually meet.

    But now you lay to rest,
    and your arms crossed,
    at the chest....
    you lay there ever so peacefully.

    I know you'll be alright,
    and each and every night...
    you'll watch over them,
    like you always have.

    Jackie know this,
    with a tight hug I say.
    I pray that you stay smiling,
    each and every day.

    Jackie please know,
    I'll not let go.
    Of any of my friends,
    so you know.

    I won't forget you,
    and I will help you out too,
    if you need help,
    with your bro and sis.

    Just hold them tight,
    each and every night.
    And they will never ever,
    let the sis they love go.

    Justin McCormick, The White Rose

    "Rest in Peace Jackie. Your friend for all time. Justin."
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    Re: Untitled

    That was quite touching. I must say it moved my heart a little while I read it all. Even though I'm not Christian my own prayers go out to this Jackie as well. Maybe the eternal flow will grant her spirit the will to watch over them, until they pass and join her in the long years ahead.

    Spelling and grammar... Didn't matter here.

    The flow was nice, but it was the message that really gave me the joy and what not.

    Nice work.

    "Walk in with Reason, and leave with Passion."

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