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Thread: "untitled"

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    Gather round me,
    We're gonna make some hate,
    In the ugliness of daylight,
    Misery of the night is our only fate.

    Feel the disturbing comfort of pain,
    As you drip salty tears
    Onto those beautifully slised veins,
    And awaken your deepest fears.

    Worship the threatening flames,
    Gaze to the moon and dare to look away,
    Black darkness is all you know,
    As you slowly wither away,
    day by day.

    A morbid mind is a beautiful place,
    But its not something you can all face.

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    Re: "untitled"

    Brilliant and Beautiful... It's really emotional, especially when your listening to "Heart shaped box" by Nirvana, It's kind of like the music is just lining up together with the words of the poem when you say them out load...

    I love it! ^^
    Live for Today, Wait for Tomorrow,
    and think about Yesterday.

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