They say the top is lonely, how about the bottom
Always looking up reaching, but nothing is in your grasp

Feeling isolated that drives you isanely mad
Getting stepped on or walked over like you was a door mat

Online for hours searching for a friendly chat
Stumble across no one cause just like you even your luck is bad

You hate sympathy, but can't help, but feel sad
You hate life, but a life is what you wished you had

Misery loves company that is why when you see misfortune you are glad
Envy fathers cause you dislike your own dad

People call you Usher cause, even they know there is something about you
& whatever it is you "got it bad"

You want to be clean, but feel like trash
Feeling low down & dirty like Dastardly & Muttley

Only difference is you are solo; no one to share your pain with;
no one to console to

One will always be a lonely number, especially when it is under two
Always yearning for one more; if that's the case it wouldn't be one any more

If you think one is the number for you then you really don't know;
The digit you relate to best is zero

So when people asked who you are & where you be
You probably answered *no one & at the bottom where it is lonely*

<Couldn't come up with a title...I wrote this because I was feeling like this at one point, but not anymore... That is why I replaced certain pronouns with "you"> This is how I take a look on some of my old ways, feelings, habits, etc. I guess you can say this is a way how I talk to myself... I know sounds a bit crazy, ^_^ but I also like to see if my poems talk to others as well...