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Thread: Untitled ( Always )

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    Untitled ( Always )

    The voice that is hers but not her sings
    She forgot why she breathes
    All that was divine inside her is dead
    Now she is an empty coffin of lost hopes

    Mutilation brings is life to her, electric
    Her blood dripping and pooling and falling excite her
    The correlation between hand and razor leave dark lines
    Carelessly ignoring her wants and needs

    The barbed wire constraints of her reality tighten
    A smile cracks the sealed closures of her pasty lips
    She lost herself and replaced the void with a razor
    A crimson waterfall flows out of dried veins

    Deluded by her slow suicide, she can's see she's a ghost
    Her discarded body laying in sacrificed offering
    The glow of her ghostly body remains blind to her eyes
    So consumed in cutting away the sorrow that stained her

    This self-made death is superficial
    Her life stolen by a razor masquerading as a hero
    She fell away into the fires; she could never defy Fate
    A lie that was made to hold her flesh captive

    The marred body she called home lay in shambles
    Damaged and used for nothing by false carnage
    The courage she lost lay asleep somewhere, waiting
    But the blood could never be washed away

    She went unpunished by God, Hell was not her destination
    Rather, she was sent to solitude and desolation, by herself eternally
    Left without her razor so she could nott rip apart the wrong etched in her
    A lesson she will learn a thousand times then repeat

    A beaten body to be greeted by mothers and fathers
    They never cared for her enough to cry or mourn
    Blood told stories on the walls but they never cared
    Her sin was everywhere in their eyes and smiles

    In some field of happy trees and artificial clouds she screams
    The need to die and keep dying eats away at her dead soul
    Alack, there is not enough mercy in God to grant her death
    Spinning, spinning in her field of crimson sunset

    Terrified of the bent corpses' that litter her field of happy skies
    Not looking to see herself a corpse alike those she runs from
    Crying unheard tears to any who would listen or care or understand
    Stuck in her field of consequence where she will stay always

    Okay, I took Kasai's advice and I'm now going through and fixing my works. This is the heavily revised edit of Lingering Effects, it's much better now. It makes more sense.
    the love you withhold is the pain you carry.

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    Re: Untitled ( Always )

    My god! This is absolutely splendid. ^_^

    The description is great and its so beautifully morbid. O.o

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