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Thread: Untitled (The ambition to see again)

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    Untitled (The ambition to see again)

    The color, it flashes swiftly over my eyes
    I only catch a brief click of it
    For that short second I feel intense warmth
    An unknown happiness seizes my body

    My eyes reel all the way to the back of my head
    I never expected to see a color in my world
    The universe I walk is dark and empty
    Feeling and sound dominate my senses

    But for that scant breath my eyes were dazzled
    The low frequency wavelengths are still running through me
    All I can even think about is that beautiful color
    Alas, I do not know the name

    Maybe if I do this thing again I'll see it
    My heart might beat again, it might even race
    The noise of it's beat reaching to my ears and booming
    Mentally I tell myself to remember a question

    Once I return home I must ask Benji something
    The color was everywhere, my hands, the walls
    I know exactly what I saw, what I must see again
    I'll ask him what color blood is called.

    This is another English assignment. Part of a huge autobiography thing. The assignment was titled Color your World, I think I did this wrong though. I didn't talk about red extensively and I didn't really add in any information on it's background... well, I got something out this.

    And if you didn't get the whole my world is dark and empty thing, the person talking in the poem is blind... he just killed someone and saw blood, rather the color red.

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    Re: Untitled (The ambition to see again)

    A blind man finding the beauty of taking the life of an other..............and the beauty of blood. I like this poem. If someone(blind or not) looks into the darkness of their soul long enough, they can find that beast that runs on instinct...... the emotions and urges we work so hard to hide from others. Everyone has the potential to become a serial killer. They just gotta be stimulated in the right way......
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