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Thread: Untitled (Calamity's Game)

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    Untitled (Calamity's Game)

    Lazy little puffs of not-there smoke cloud in my mind
    Bringing truth to all their lies and their truths in kind

    Apollo sits atop his smling perch and glares down
    Artemis protects and fights for her stolen crown

    Seething words of dire hatred run along my ears
    Getting louder and louder still with the years

    Calamity strikes and swiftly steals away my rotted soul
    Taking with it all that was me leaving just a hollow bowl

    The entity never gone but always hiding away
    Enticing me to play

    I do not wish to sully my hands in such vile things
    If i did I would surly lose my wings

    So life must be lived but from behind unfocused eyes
    But it is not forever after all, everyone dies

    Just something quick to make sure I can still write poetry. Not my best work but better than my worst. If you see anything fixable here tell me and enjoy.
    the love you withhold is the pain you carry.

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    Re: Untitled (Calamity's Game)

    Heh, not your best one I agree ^^; But still I like some of the words you used there.

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