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Thread: Untitled (Experiment #272359 - Human)

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    Untitled (Experiment #272359 - Human)

    If you look to long at what you are not you will become that
    If you think too much of one conviction you will mark it as yours
    All that you were and could have been will disappear
    The personality you had cultivated shall be smashed rudely

    But this thing, this transformation of self is unavoidable
    As people, we absorb all we see and that which others see as well
    We see what makes the world happy and change into that
    If only to please the eyes of a stranger

    The mutation of the unique child you never were is eternal
    No bump can blemish the road it runs along casually
    It is a perfect program with no cracks, an absolute fact that reigns birth
    Picking those capable of greatness and erasing all ‘real’ personality

    Creating the perfect being, one of fame built just as the others
    A protocol, a system outline built by the all-powerful God
    The very formula that makes the beautiful people beautiful
    Although this is a tragedy upon itself, it is vital to human existence

    There is and never was or will be a certain person worthy of standing away from labels
    Everyone and thing can be filed neatly in some stuffy room and forgotten
    The once bright blue eyes that were so pretty simply fade to a shadow of blurred gray
    Extending further the stay of generality in modern human life

    And such the moral of vanity removes the mask it was never wearing
    The mass conformity the world takes upon itself is seen for what it is
    The world then turns around and returns to its air-headed bliss
    Not caring to change their unchangeable title of ‘them’ to ‘me’

    It would take to much time to rebuild the world and reformat the memories of billions
    The profit being an independent world free to see through only their eyes
    The shiny people must have realized this, that’s why change is not promoted
    If everyone thought of their own thoughts and not forced ones the shiny people would die

    Globally, people would revert into themselves and gaze at the magnificence of them
    It is only natural to hold oneself above all else, or so the human code says
    If that happened, no one would care and the world would continue to die only slower
    No men would shoot guns and no women would sell their body for drugs

    Nothing exponential would change, except everything we know as of today
    The Earth would still rot away only the people will go willingly along with it
    No more phony shots at stopping the unstoppable fact that the atmosphere is dissolving
    ‘Murderous men of terrible evil’ would never be pursued and racism would die

    In all truth, both paths, one of that may never be trodden, will cross at the end
    No matter how much people strive for personality, the dream will never come to be
    For there was never any there to begin with, we are all just shells with voices
    Merely acting the scenes of a twisted puppet master whom we call God

    To shed some light on the title in brackets, at the end I say God is our puppet master and he controls every aspect of what we do. I'm referencing that, we the humans are his experiment, a new toy of sorts.

    Also, the line in which I say men shoot guns and kill people and women are drug addicted whores, I was only stereotyping so don't get your chickens frazzled...

    As for my personal comments on the poem, it's a piece I wrote out of pure want. I didn't necessarily want to write a poem like this, I think I wanted to do another twisted love poem but eh. Whichever poem my mind wants me to write I must write, 'cause y'know, my mind dictates my whole body...

    I think it's a good poem but not my absolute best... total artistic lag on this end of the monitor.. well, as I always say, enjoy the poem.
    the love you withhold is the pain you carry.

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    Re: Untitled (Experiment #272359 - Human)

    nice ideas but the flow of it lagged a little
    and the titles idea is not portrayed as well
    u gotta re-read
    but nice stuff

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