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Thread: Untitled (Genocide)

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    Untitled (Genocide)

    Darkened trenches filled with dried blood
    Horrible agonies left uncried by dead men
    Pathetic children withering away in famine

    A traitorous harbinger hiding within the ranks
    Secret attacks concocted on faulty ground
    Diplomacy to the people is the lie broadcast

    Be free, be liberated, be brethren
    A revolution has started
    The people are now the same, equal

    Lies sit quietly in this treaty of peace
    Twisted minds are duly at work
    Misleading the people and making new war

    All things can be blamed on one entity
    One race that was reared and chosen by God
    His first covenant, His first people of the Earth

    They are the source of all the wrongdoing in the world
    They plot and gather for their future dominion
    And for this, they must be slain

    Be they in the throes of old age or mere children
    Death is the only worldly freedom they can have
    Be civil to all except the Jews

    Unable to fight against such juvenile oppressors
    Scapegoat to the universe is the Jewish man
    He may not claim life so long as he is Jewish

    But this truth, this awesome truth is not the salvation
    No, it is another damned curse sent to punish the people
    You cannot blame the innocent without fee

    A mistake it was not, this was deliberate and intended
    A nationwide conduction of murder cannot be labeled merely folly
    It was hoped for and cheered so it must be recognized as such it truly is


    Ah ha, ha, ha. Another creation steeped in controversy. I hate it so much when people say good things about Hitler; he did not have the right idea and nobody should decorate him a hero for it.

    I could write so much about my hate for him but it would be a waste, no one truly listens to what's being said. But anyway, I hope you guys enjoy this and no, I don't hate the Jews or the Russians or the Germans or any Europeans for the record.

    Oh, here's some info real quick. In stanza one, I'm talking about men who died in WWI, Jewish and other nationalities (Religions?) alike. Stanza three is about the French Revolution, and four is of the antisemites in parliament and politics. And most of the final stanzas are dealing with the Holocaust.
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    Re: Untitled (Genocide)

    This is actually good and long. I just love reading poems. The best one to me right now is The White Wolfs but nice reading yours.
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    Re: Untitled (Genocide)

    You have major talent, however I suggest a revision of your works. There are a few spelling errors.
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