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Thread: Untitled Poem...

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    Untitled Poem...

    Another my own poem...
    I don't know what should I name it...:/
    Comment and give me opinion?

    Another day...
    Trap in a unusual cage...
    With nothingness on my mind...
    And tears on my face...

    Starry night... Sacred light...
    I found my face shined by the moonlight...
    But I can't opened my eyes...
    Even though I try again and again...

    Felt something missing...
    There is something missing...

    I have to run away... Run from this untoughtfull nightmare...
    To find the differences on my mind...
    But this chain of destiny don't let me escape...
    It always tied me... Never let me go...

    Then you find me... Wipe my tears...
    You broke the chain and cry for me...
    But I can't touch you and wipe your tears...
    Then you smile and tell me something...

    Then the judgement time have come....
    You're body fading into the darkness...
    You smile at me for the last time...
    With the last word you say to me...


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    Re: Untitled Poem...

    T,T WAAAA that is very sweet ~ , >< i love it your poem really toched my heart , very very good one ^,^ ...

    about the name ummm XD i am not good at chosing names but let me try >,< *don't laugh at the names ~* :
    - untouchable love
    - wishing that smile never fade away
    - hurtful word
    - hello and goodbye
    WAAA i am sorry i know they are boring and not good enough for you great poem >.> !.... =^_^=
    My Dreams Become Like The Rainbow
    Love Like the Wind You Can't See It But You Can Feel It

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    Re: Untitled Poem...

    that was a really good poem! i liked it a lot. i have some name suggestions:
    -part of me
    -to be lost
    -you for me
    yeah, they're not very good, i also like the ones that Frozen Rose said. Keep writing!

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