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Thread: Untitled (Reflections of Love)

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    Untitled (Reflections of Love)

    I could be anyone for you
    Just a shadow of my real self
    If you'd lie and say you love me

    I would do anything for you
    Simply say the word
    I'd do it if you smiled for me

    Won't you stay here with me forever
    It doesn't really matter what you say
    My heart got lost in your eyes

    You played cupid and stole my love
    So I guess this your fault
    That which you make me do

    Those who seek to brake you
    Must be broken in return
    Your heart must be shielded for it waits for mine

    Soon the plan shall be completed
    All steps will have been done
    And we will be greeted by the afterlife

    We can hold each other eternally
    Just you and I atop cloud nine
    With no interference from the world

    I don't know what else to say now
    You will understand this
    Because you know I love you to death
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    Re: Untitled (Reflections of Love)

    Again I say. I'd love to see your poetry in our Library.

    I love the formatting of the stanzas.
    Seduced by Flesh

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    Re: Untitled (Reflections of Love)

    This is a very good poem, not only like kasai said the way you formatted the stanzas is great, but the overall emotion of the poem is excellent! I don't see any mistakes and I think you should post this poem in the "Poem and Fanfics clan" Keep up the great work FlawEdmiNd!

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