Always you would stay
That is what you use to say
Who knew that always would end today
I can remember it like it was yesterday

When you went on in your own way
Just like that we seperated like hallways
I guess you felt that I would be okay
But I am here to tell you that I am in no kind of shape

I feel boxed in with old love with new hate
And this feeling I can't shake
No matter how much I try
I still end up on the same side

My heart stop beating, but I am still alive
Feeling like I had already died
Not once but two times

This is my Final Destination 3:

But my death was on an emotional roller coaster ride
Couldn't get off so I couldn't survive
I crashed and burned I could of took my own life
My fault my cost so I paid the price

Got my merchandise I bought
Feeling trapped so, I'm feeling caught
Trying to escape from this grasp you have on me
Trying to keep strong, but I'm feeling weak

Riding by my lonesome, so you know the journey is lonely
Getting a heart-ache everytime I hear "Unthinkable" by Alicia Keys
Always thinking that WAS you & me
"WAS" being the key word that unlocks the door full of hurt

That I just call "Hurtfully"
I am not lying just speaking truthfully
Telling myself everything is in the past
So just let it be

Always isn't Forever now I see
It is just another term in the dictionary
I realized you can't take shit lightly
And you also can't mourn on it too heavily

Giving up so easily was never easy
Gone in the wind, now I just feel the breeze
Letting you go slowly, but it isn't with ease
These words crossing my mind "always you would stay"

That is what you use to say
Who knew that always would end today
Feeling like a kid cause I just got played
Ever since you walked away

I guess it was too much pressure cause didn't we cave?.?
Well, like one I am hollow & empty
Finalizing our never ending story at the beginning
Got me believing always isn't forever nor an eternity

It is a mythical beast that eats dreams
It is a lost piece of the puzzle that you can't redeem
Always is never what it seems
It is just a saying that gets you closer to being finally

* I wrote this a while back, just revamped a little