[A useless poem]

Another useless poem,
Beginning a stupid way.
Continuing on senselessly,
Deteriorating every day.
Entering peoples brainwaves,
Forever in your mind.
Good enough for most,
Helping people waste their time.

I never really tried,
Just wrote down all my thoughts.
Killed my brain cells slowly,
Laying down avoiding pot.
My mind always wonders,
Never slowing in the least.
Outside I heard gunshots,
People running from police.

Quests inside my head,
Reality became a blur.
Super-human powers,
Trying to always save the world.
Uniting all the countries,
Virtually impossible for most.
Welcome all species,
X-mas time TV host.

Yellow streaked hair,
Zebra like people.
All natural in this world,
Hotels more like steeples.
I dream about this world,
Simply to get away.
I wonder what I'll dream about today?