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Thread: Vampire thief

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    Vampire thief

    All was fine till she came my way.
    She was always saying she was your day.
    Yet in the deepest abyss i knew,
    You longed to have the night.

    While others said they love you dearly,
    All I could do was watch the others pass by.
    Could i have done anymore wrong?
    Than to stay quietly in one side.

    Wake my dearest heart,
    she uses you to make someone jealous.
    She only wants to avenge her broken self,
    can't you look my way as you promised?

    Do I always have to be the one,
    to make you see things when they fall apart.
    How could she say my lose was her gain.
    Come back to me like you promised again.

    You have drained me again
    like a vampire stealing my light.
    You have stayed away ,
    after getting the most important part.

    I see that you will never change.
    You will always be the Duke of the night.
    Always wanting and stealing what is not his
    and what can not be part of his heart.
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    Re: Vampire thief

    Wow! Kinda says it all doesn't it?

    Man if the one I loved was with everyone else while with me... Not sure if I'd I'd kill them or die first.

    Awesome poem my friend. I feel your pain.

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