In the midst of all forests
Everything is but a blurriness
Where the eyes lurk around for every move
And there you stand at that little curve
Your ever sweet scent
Driving everything that came and went
Around to the endless abyss
They grin as your life will be one but miss
You feel presence coming closer to your unprotected body
The grinding of teeth
Their tongues that search as you hear them breathe
The frightening cries as you stumble to the ground
Your blooded leg, the shadows have found
The air now that seems so dense
As you have nothing with which you may cleanse
Sweet, sensation
Driving the creatures mad with hunger
Feel arms against your back
You turn around, the air which you lack
The fear goes around and you tremble
You cry as you feel yourself about to crumble
Pleading for your life
Unable to even hold that knife
My lips gently hold to yours
As your tears roll down your cheek so slow
Which ever you miss
That kiss has sent you on a everlasting bliss