There was an explosion in the far region of Bael. The sky ruptured in fire. Rox sat comfortably in his seat. He looked upon the Egon army, Heh, they’re destroying my city... bastards. The command center is their target… hmm they’re testing their luck.
“Sir.” A shaky and scrawny voice said.
“Yes?” Asked the now irritated Rox, as he got up from his chair to get a better view of what was going on, he looked at the small fiend standing by him. The critter was shaking as if he was freezing. Rox grinned, and the little creature shrieked.
“That army is being led by Saigon. He is coming, master.”
Rox looked out the window again and smiled. “Good let him come. Set up the Elite Demons.”
It ends today. Rox sat back on his chair.
Back in the battlefield, the hellions watched as the renowned Saigon, walked out of the explosion, with his swords tensely at hand. His wrathful eyes, shun in the miasmatic air. Anything that could look him in the eyes could instantly tell, he was bloodthirsty, his eyes showed no other feeling. He ran towards the demonic creatures, slicing, cutting and severing everything.
He consumed their detesting blood with a feeling of obligation. The soldiers followed in his wake. Walking through the city killing anything in their path, to assure there were no survivors, they slugged anything that resembled a demon.
The Elite Demons cut through the city swiftly, towards the Egon army. They had separated into two groups. One group stayed in the command center, while the other went after the opposing army.
Saigon walked by the side of his vampiric soldiers, as they marched through the devastated city. Saigon wouldn’t keep his eyes off each and every one of his warmongers, as they got closer to their objective. He jumped onto a half destroyed balcony, watching his warriors carefully.
The morale of the army was pretty confident. The soldiers had faith in their new leader. They knew he would bring them to victory. The lost of their former leader, had left a scar in their hearts, but it would heal with the death of all demons.
His sharp scent of smell allowed him to redolent the aroma, of blood and sweat, but the one essence that stood out was anger. A soldier jumped next to him, and stated “Sir, we’re ready to continue this devastation.”
Saigon grinned; his eyes filled with hatred, his fangs were increasing in their length and their jaggedness.
His nose quickly picked up the stench of the enemy—they were close—Saigon grinned, his razor sharp teeth flashing “let’s finish this destruction.”
The Elite Demons were mostly lizard like creatures of dark brownish green scaly skin. Small acute teeth filled their carnivorous jaws. They wore black armor with the mark of hell over it. There was a variety of weapons in this army. Many firearms were also at hand. The self esteem of the demons was rather low. They were rather cocky at the brash attack the Egon army was giving.
The Elite Demon army quickly made it to the undone city. They soon split up, and spread out. They began searching through the center. Severed bodies and blood garmented the streets. The sky was a hazy color from all the dust and smoke, the sun was setting in the barely seen west.
Saigon stood on top of a building, watching the Elite Demon Army.
Diana… my dear sister I am sorry this has happened. He thought. My only family member…
Flashbacks of Diana began to tear through his mind. He remembered when he first met her, and when they fought together against Xavier. He remembered the time she spent playing with Ciel. These memories make me feel she’s alive… Then he remembered how Rox had killed her. But this memory shows me the truth… and it haunts me.
Saigon turned around, and looked at his army. They were separated on rooftops. “Kill them, and line back up… we still have a long way to go.”
He turned back around and looked at the street. He swiftly jumped off the roof. A platoon of demons near, saw him landing, and was ready to blow him away with their firearms, but he was too agile.
As soon as they cocked their weapons to shoot, he was already in front of them, grinning. He took his broad katana, and swung it as hard as he could across their chests, and then he took his dai-katana and stroked it as quick as he could through their necks, cutting off their heads. Blood sprayed all over him. He looked at the sky, and he could see his sister smiling at him. Diana… The blood bedewed his face.
Gunshots could be hear all over, “GRENADE!” A human voice shouted, more gunshots followed, then a large explosion. A small building collapsed near Saigon. He blinked, and looked at the building as it crumbled. Heh… this is war. A platoon of the barbaric creatures walked carefully, terrified by the screams and shrieks of their comrades. The brutes were being wasted by the aggressive army. Saigon laid eyes on this platoon. They’re the last ones… they’re mine.
He grinned, and plunged into the ground. The demons held their weapons as tight as they could, but they were too frightened to hold them steadily. When Saigon dipped out of the ground, they squealed like pigs.
Saigon looked at them, as they soon recovered and surrounded him. He laughed, and looked around his enemies. “This… this war we’re having… its fun… right?”
“Demon! You creature of hell you call this fun!?” A demon with a sword barked at him.
“Heh… demon…”
Then it went quiet. Not a sound was heard. The gunshots were over, the explosions done. The savages looked among themselves. Then, the Egon army arose around them, their weapons ready to slaughter them. They all simpered hungrily.
Saigon’s dark aura slowly surrounded him and the beasts. “You’ll regret the day you people killed my sister.”
The aura had made it around him and the demons, and deliberately turned darker, and darker, till nothing was seen. The screams of pain and horror cut through the silence like knives down human flesh, and then suddenly… they stopped.
No one knew exactly what Saigon had done to those creatures, but when the aura had cleared up, the demon bodies were severely severed. The faces of the creatures’ faces were horribly dismembered, and mangled, shredded and mutilated; their faces were the surviving horror of one of Saigon’s great attacks. The carcasses were lying on the ground, the blood spreading out steadily.
Saigon jumped onto the roof, and said with a smile. “Eat my men… you seem hungry.”