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Thread: War Memorial

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    War Memorial

    Eh, it is something I tinkered with for class. I don't like it really, because it is me trying to do things with it, rather than taking the idea and running my own way, but here is what came of it:

    Press coverage on CNN,
    Can I please have a statue?
    My nightmares blow away every morning,
    New dunes form of mental grains.

    What can we possibly use,
    To turn these tiny, tiny rocks,
    Into something that means anything,
    For a new brand of Soldiers.

    Not black granite,
    Nor frozen figures and marble flags,
    This war is blank,
    The sand covers everything.

    My war will be forgotten,
    The sand is my memory,
    Which seems about right,
    Since the sand has hidden my youth.

    They call us college mercenaries,
    Students wanted money,
    High school wanted kills,
    Veterans say their goodbyes again.

    A sandbox seems right,
    Somewhere for the kids to play,
    It’s the futility we found,
    And the fathers they lost.

    Friends, wives,
    Girls, lives,
    It all seems so relative,
    When you’re watching the war on TV.

    I watch the Tired pass The Wall,
    After all these years, they begin to heal.
    Where can I take the names of my dead,
    The ones I called my friends?

    Here I stand,
    An American Soldier.
    I am afraid to say it,
    But I think I have lost hope.
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    Re: War Memorial

    I love that poem^_^ I can't wait to read more if your work

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