The wisping willow lit the way
upon the sigh of a new day,
To the lost in the darkness
where it makes hells domain
This call, this radiance in the light we rang
And drank
And bathed
Within the falling translucent rain
Which made up all of our ways.
Humanity; we represent,
To chase the impurity away.

Damned to be lost within our desire
We plan to go on and as we go we perspire
All of our greed and our shallow thought,
Through this tunnel of dark and trembling wrought
There will be no end to this stalwart walk

Until the end of existence
We are the ones who will stand
The ones who will fight
And the ones who protect the land
Under the far off passionate red banner
In the mist of times sand
We are the warriors with the power
Of the spirit from within
Telling us we can

With the strength of the dragon
And the courage of it so,
By the power of heavens hand
To the grace of the mountain snow
Over the distant crossing
Of the river Styx and beyond
Through the peril of the everlasting darkness
Deep within the moons calm
Under the blanket of an angels blessed light
By the wings of the greatest bird to ever fly the skies

We travel on with our willows wisping
Blazing fires deep into the night
We ponder on and on with the depth
Of the universe as our plight
To fly on the wings of reality
And soar across the void
We find ourselves from within
At that certain point of paranoia

In the end we always send the evil to it's grave
We cannot keep track of all~
the innocent lives we have saved,
But as we realize the size of all
The tasks we have done~
we sail away forever after
Into the brilliant rising sun