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Thread: Wasted Gifts

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    Wasted Gifts


    wrote this in september for my drama class. this ISN'T about christmas presents but something else. this is only a rough draft, i know a few lines could use some changes. lets see if u guys can guess my topic. actually its really easy. as always please comment. i would like to hear any critizism you guys might have. anyway happy reading.


    Gifts, Gifts, Gifts

    Some people have eyes
    yet never see the world
    Some people have legs
    yet never run around
    Some people have a nose
    yet never smell the roses

    Gifts, Gifts, Gifts

    Some people have a voice
    yet never speak
    Some people have a mind
    yet never think
    Some people have arms
    yet never reach out

    Gifts, Gifts, Gifts

    Some people have health
    yet they choose to ruin it
    Everyone has a heart
    yet some choose to hate
    Everyone has a life
    But some choose to end it

    Choice, Choice, Choice

    The greatest gift in life is choice,
    everyday we choose to use our gifts,
    but some never get the chance to make that choice.

    Gifts, Gifts, Gifts
    Choice, Choice, Choice

    How many have gone to waste?

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    Re: Wasted Gifts

    This was rated but... no comment?

    Well I had to take some time to address this. As it seemed thoughtfully written it deserves thoughtful feedback.

    This poem isn't wordy (no big vocab show offs). In fact, composition wise, its fairly simple.
    But it's complexity shines in the concept. Rich in thought.
    At the end, you declare that choice is the ultimate gift.
    While throughout the poem, you display how we use choice to waste away the many gifts we have.
    I think this poem is very well written and thought out.
    ... Not Ever Again...

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