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Thread: Watery Eyes

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    Watery Eyes

    Watery eyes

    A look upon your life,
    The tears that fall freely.
    Gracefully you look back,
    At the time that are no more.

    Hoping for it all to come back,
    Blooming about your imagination.
    Holding dearly what is most important,
    Feeling the doubt fade away.
    Awakening to a new world,
    Opening your eyes to joy.

    Breaking apart all that is wrong,
    Chanting the fears away from your ears.
    Closing off the word never from your mind,
    Tearing away the barriers that were so strong.
    Erasing what was once a mistake,
    Clearing the way to a new hope.
    Racing upon a lasting raceway,
    Stoping before what is reality.

    Not truly understanding,
    Letting things be as they are.
    Accepting the world in all its saddness,
    Cherishing every moment that is not shallow.
    Showing emotion to every event,
    Glorifying the day that has begun.
    Prancing about what is best,
    Filling a half full cup.
    Looking at the sky so high...
    ...Flying freely above the clouds accompanied by the stars.

    Inspired by watching for the 3rd or 4th time "Finding neverland" XD
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    Thanks to Xelhes for this amazing work of art ^.^

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    Re: Watery Eyes

    i like it, sweet poem
    great job

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