Teach me sadness...
If i closed my eyes, I won't gaze into sadness
If i forget your warmth,I will feel this unbearable sober
I can't recall your tranquiled amber
In the depths of my sobering
You are all I can see

Someone is calling from my forgtten past
Asking me when i will hlod into my hands again
At this moment, I will faze this preluding future again
Because you are all I can see

Why do I search for this waves of torrential ideals?!
That's why I let it ripple in the waces of torrential rest
Beyond the darkness you are all I can see...

The waves that we saw are flowing towards serenity
Flowing into the serenity, They disappeared in the abyss

I know someday we will able to see each other in the future
Until I take back sober back into my hands again
So long my love, for I will love you eternally
Because you are all I can see....!