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Thread: We're Different (Cutting, Not for the weak hearted)

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    We're Different (Cutting, Not for the weak hearted)

    Some people cry when they hurt.
    Some people confide in another.
    Some peole try to resolve their dispute with the other,
    and some may try to resolve it within themselves.
    Some pretend to be strong and hide it,
    there are also ones who don't know what to do.
    But then again, there are those that are like me.

    I cut.

    It's not for attention,
    I'm not trying to be fake.
    It's not because other people do it,
    or because it's "in."
    I do it because,
    it's my way of life.
    It's my own way of feeling powerful,
    in control.
    It's not punishment for myself,
    it's to make me stronger.
    It's my way of knowing that I'm still alive.
    It releases so much stress and emotional pain,
    it calms me.
    It's like me mdicine,
    my caffine or sugar.
    It keeps me going.

    That's my way of expressing the pain I feel inside.

    It's so reviving to see the red against my skin,
    overwhelming to know I actually followed through.
    It's the satisfaction of knowing I've lived another day,
    lived long enough to spill more blood.
    It's nice to know I have somethng to turn to,
    when everyone else turns away.
    It's always there,
    something for me to take advantage of.

    The blade calls my name every night,
    begs to be picked up.

    Why are we discriminated so much?
    We just have a different way of expressing emotion.
    We're different,
    so what?
    We don't judge you,
    look down on you for the way you express yourself.

    So why does everyone pity us?

    I think we've proved we're stronger,
    we can take pain.
    We're not afraid to suffer,
    not scared to bleed.
    We may hide what we do but we're proud,
    the scars are ou history.
    Every cut really does tell a story,
    physical pain of the past.

    And it's all because people won't listen...

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    Re: We're Different (Cutting, Not for the weak hearted)

    People really don't have a right to judge..
    I've been down this road and sometimes I don't think I've descovered the end of it.
    People express themselves in so many different ways.
    There's a difference in cutting to express yourself or doing it because your suicidal.. not everyone that does this is exactly that.. suicidal.
    Some people get peircings or tattoo's when their down and no ones around.
    No one wants to listen..
    So how is that much different, other then it's professionally done (sometimes.)

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    Re: We're Different (Cutting, Not for the weak hearted)

    That was a good poem although it's a shame you have to cut yourself to feel like somebody. I can't wait to read your next one.
    "Sunset Kisses Along The Beach"
    Made for me by HolderofTheDarkChalice
    Thanks so much I love it!

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    Re: We're Different (Cutting, Not for the weak hearted)

    This one is my favorite... I can relate to this. I have two close friends that cut too. I cut, but haven't since November. The last one required stitches and came with other problems.

    This poem reflects exactly how I felt, and no one seemed to believe me until I needed medical attention (no one really knew either)... But then again, ones that knew didn't believe I cut either.

    This is my favorite. It's free verse and I like it. It's long, but some of my best are too. I just love the way you wrote it... IDK... It's just... AWESOME!!! My favorite because I can relate, it's the truth, and... well there's bound to be other reasons. ^_^

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