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Thread: What to do NOW?

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    What to do NOW?

    My hands are shivering, covering my grim face,
    My eyes red and grim, peeping through the gaps between the fingers
    The tears rolling down from my palms, to my hands, elbows,
    And finally dripping down

    I shed the same tears as yours,
    But only yours were of happiness,
    While mine are complete opposite

    I'm in desbelief...

    I didn't want to loose you,
    I didn't mind us not talking for months
    I wanted to assure your safety
    And to to sigh in relief to hear from you

    God has plans, hell yeah,
    What plans did HE have for HER?
    Her life taken away before she even experienced the world
    Yest she looks so serene to my eyes

    Not scary, but it makes me cry more!

    She died laying on her bed
    Tears comming out of her eyes
    Not of sadness, but the complete opposite,
    With a smile on her face

    Thanking me for everything I did for her
    And the funny thing is, I couldn't protect her

    With every tear that escapes, my head feels lighter
    But my throat still feels hard
    Every tear has a memory,
    Every line that the tear drawn through my skin

    Maybe it's just me,
    I'm a curse, stay away from me
    Don't touch me, or you'll die too

    All those times,
    Still arouse everytime I concieve a thought about you
    I'm sorry I couldn't protect you

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    Re: What to do NOW?

    It's a very sad poem... I like it though.... It makes me feel as though I am right there watching it happen.... I can't wait to see more poems from you.... Oh jamie wants you to look over one of her poems before she posts it...
    keep up the great work

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    Re: What to do NOW?

    aww rave thats sooo sad TT__TT but its soo good and full on emotion i really liked this

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    Re: What to do NOW?

    Its such a sad poem, u really expressed some sad emotions in it. But anyways I thought it was good.

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