When i see the street lights on
it shows me how my time is spent
As i look upon the stars
The North star shines on brightly
always leads me on the path
A path that life chose for me.

Its a shame i really felt
that time well spent
was not for me,
If i chose the wrong path
could it lead to my demise?

I turned around an saw the light
from the Crescent moon
see the man give a grin
The ways of paths cross

In the depth of our souls we see what our future might hold
A steady stream
goes through twists and turns
But one day it'll become a might River

That's what will happen to me
i just hope one day i'll finally

How can there be so much
that i don't know?
don't know.....

Each path leads on a different way
Sometimes i feel like being
As i look upon myself in the mirror
i see a reflection of me
And another one of what i could

But every road has an end
And every river
leads to the sea

Oh why does this keep
How can there be so much that
i dont know...

You think my life is full of promish
and i have so much
free will
Is it not a shame
that you can't see?

Who know what i'll
And who cares!
of what i'll be?
theres so many things
that i've yet to choose...

My past is gone
is when my choice to move on@