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Thread: what do you see

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    what do you see

    Through my eyes
    i hold the power
    to what is pure and true

    But what i dont see
    does not happen
    therefore it does not exists

    So for you to come to me with
    this garbage i look at you
    with disgust

    For what i see is nothing but the
    in man

    Ask not what i can do for you
    but ask for the confidence
    you can find in yourselves

    That you may one day
    may be even in
    this life time

    Will not hae to search so hard

    For my
    I'm the best you'll ever have because i am that f*ing AMA-zing chic who can stand on her own d*n feet and becasue of you I am the Greatest Thank you so much SasuraiHell and Gwen

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    Re: what do you see

    Hmm..seems quite a twists of events but I still like this poem...
    Personnaly I like the first part of the poem...
    Through my eyes
    i hold the power
    to what is pure and true
    This lines...for somewhat reason gives a sort of message..
    I loved her so much.... i would dare to risk my own life only to save her from dying....
    I loved my GF...

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