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Thread: What Dreams May Come?

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    What Dreams May Come?

    Standing there with knife in hand
    you ask your self is taking this road
    really worth it? , you walk over to the
    unsuspecting soul and take whats not
    yours and look down thinking this really
    wasn't what you thought it would feel like.

    Months go by and more lives are taken
    and the numbness inside seems to only
    grow as the question is not wither or not
    its worth it , but is using just a knife really
    making things easier for you , then comes
    the insanity the motor of the chainsaw removes
    the silence that you thought was dull.

    many people die flesh torn from there
    bones as you cut away laughing uncontrollable
    blood splatter as you lick your lips , YES you think
    to yourself as some blood splatters your face and you lick it
    from your lips how wonderfully amazing this feels to your
    imagination , things only seem to get better as the blade from
    the saw never stops till you say.

    you come too now and your at your friends house
    and its total darkness from everyone sleeping and
    realise you didnt kill anyway so you sigh wishing
    it would have been real the fall to sleep with smile
    knowing you can do it later when your not so lazy
    and thus end your thoughts on killing or is that really
    the end?

    this poem is about how people dream about
    some dark things be it killing others or just having
    a nice day fishing but more than likely they will
    have a dark dream thats others would call nightmares.

    who knows that friend you let stay the night with you
    dreams of killing you and your famly in a wicked way
    then tell you something else so as not to panic you
    dreams or nightmares can affect them in so many ways.

    comments and sugestions are welcomed
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    Re: What Dreams May Come?

    Very scary poem it's a shame how some people actually think that way. You would probably want to sleep with one eye open if you had someone over that you didn't feel you could trust cause if they went near a knife or any other sharp object you'd scream and run. Great job and I can't wait to read the next one.
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