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Thread: What I am.....

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    What I am.....

    A daughter who follows all that is expected...
    When will I be asked what my future is...
    When can they see I have grown up no longer the baby.
    When will you open your eyes and see....
    I am what you molded me.

    A friend who listens and expected to smile.
    When will you realize you are breaking my heart...
    A friend turned lover....
    Someone who is always there...
    When will this harlot stop calling you hers.
    Open your eyes, Open them and Look at me...
    Before I tire and turn my back...
    When i walk away....I will not come back.

    A sister who cares and supports all what you want.
    When will i be grown up enough to know what I want.
    You are always guiding, always telling me what to do.
    Have i not done all that i was told ...
    When will you realize I am no longer your kid sister...
    I manage fine...i will be stronger...

    So many roles, so many things to be..
    Yet everyone is shouting "Look at me!"
    When will you realize i am no longer a doll...
    No longer the child you have to protect all the time...
    For once in my life will please open and see...
    For this once will you please " Look at me!".

    ** author's note: for my bestest friend right now...i hope that he realizes your worth and opens his eyes**
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    Re: What I am.....

    That is very beautiful and moving Sara.

    I can identify with much of it. Reminds me slightly of something I wrote once.

    It's hard when "they" can't just see you, the true you, all that you do, and all your worth.... and let you celibrate what you know to be the real you.

    Many things are never appreciated for what they are until they are gone, and sad to say many times can not be gotten again.

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