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Thread: What I Feel Inside

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    My love grows stronger
    My heart grows weaker
    My life is going down the drain
    and all I feel is pain
    Im ripping in two
    for all i do
    all I feel is the pain
    and Im left there screaming out in the rain
    I want to love but just can't do it
    My life is fading as I sit
    I wanna be nice
    and not cold like ice
    I know im dying slowly
    I wanna feel the life I had when I was young
    but all of it is gone
    my heart is broken
    my life is gone
    I cry myself to sleep
    and I try not to eat
    Im loving
    but just not getting loved back
    and all of this is a fact
    Im screaming at the top of my lungs
    trying not to cry
    the pain is just to much
    I think im going to die
    I wanna hit the ones that make me cry
    I wanna teach a lesson to those who have not been tought
    my heart is bleeding
    killing me slowly
    I feel the pain every day and night
    and try not to cry
    the hole in my heart keeps getting bigger
    for all I can do is wait for death
    my life is leaving me now
    and all I have is me
    I try to fight
    but im starting to see the light
    for now I will not come home
    my soul is free
    and my worries are gone
    Im free from life
    and now in death I truly do belong
    my life is gone
    Im happy now
    for I am dead
    no thoughts within my head
    I died within my sleep
    for now Im not counting sheep
    no time for thinking
    Im happy now
    for I dont want to live
    I beg for death
    for now im living
    I feel the pain again
    I wish for death for I had my chance
    for now I will be all alone
    all alone in this world
    I really want my life to end
    I want this fun, happy life
    but it just wont work
    I hope I die
    and now I cry
    for now I truly will die

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    Re: What I Feel Inside

    wow... This is... wow, very good. I love when poems like this have that deep anger and sorrow, just simply because when you're angry, in poems it shows more. I'm impressed.
    great job!
    I think I've known you all along.
    I just lost your face in the crowed for a while.
    I think I've been holding my breath all my life, until you found me here tonight.
    So ask me now and I'll run away with you.

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