My life is getting set here,
yet you are there far away.
I don't want to force your hand,
but I want you here in my arms.
I want to have a reason for giving up the net,
while giving you everything I hold inside.
I would kiss you daily,
hug you daily,
and love you daily,
when you needed the love.
I could stroke your hair softly,
and recline on the couch with you too,
just to know that you know,
I'm there to stay.
I wouldn't raise my voice,
at you or your kids.
I wouldn't grow angry,
when words wouldn't flow from my fingertips.
I just would love you,
and work my ass off for you too.
Just to show you how much I love you.
Just to show you that there is,
as such thing as a nice guy,
in this world.