If I were to cry
Like an infant right in front of your eyes
Would you give me a shoulder?
To comfort me tonight

If I were to lose my only smile
Would you be there to search for it the whole mile?
And to walk alone even when I wore a frown

If my body were at its weakest
Would you hold me up with your support?
And promise not to let go and let me fall
And watch me grab against the wall

If I were at my last
Would you come to save me so fast?
And hold my hand till I told you “I’m okay”
And hold me knowing I’m lying

If I took my last breath
Tonight leaving you without any notice
Would you hate me and not come find me?
I’d be in a place I cherish most

If I told you today
That I do not want to obey
Would you catch me and try convincing me?
Or would you rather watch me walk away, abandoning everything we had

What if I told you I want you?
Would you be frightened knowing your past?
Would you stay away from me trying to keep that secret deep within?
Or would you take my hand and be the best you can be….