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Thread: What is love?

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    What is love?

    What is love? Is it a legend?
    Is it real? Is it something that is only in fairytales?
    I look out my window while i Review
    my memories of him...the good and the
    bad! I sit waiting for a sign or anything
    to let me know he's here! in me! he's apart
    of me! he's the other half to my heart, he's
    part that makes me whole! He's my light and

    When he touches me a chill goes down my
    back. when he smiles i fell Protected!
    When I look into his eyes theres nowhere
    id rather be than rite there beside him!
    When he holds me in his arms i melt! His
    always on my mind! He's a dream come true!

    I fell in love...love! What is love? its's something
    you fell inside of yooh! it's where yooh look
    at him and act like yooh havent seen him
    in a year when you saw him just the
    other day! Its's when you want to be
    with someone special for the rest of
    your love! I know i might make mistakes
    and im not always right but I DO KNOW
    this... I am deeply, and insanely in
    love with my boyfriend! and he will be mine forever!

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    Re: What is love?

    Really awesome poem Jessica ^^ and it's good for you that you've found the right one for you i hope to read some more from you ^^ keep it up and good luck with the love

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    Re: What is love?

    love has no definition.it is an unexplained feeling evryone feels.there is not enough words to explain how one feels when they r in love with someone special to them.

    If time is just an illusion, then does that mean one's life is a waste?

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    Re: What is love?

    Love is a kind of many emotios,feelings and probably thoughts of peoples..>>>
    Love is a difficult situation when you got one..>>>
    Love comes naturally in people and of course the..>>>
    Love at First sight would be the best...>>
    and keep it up in creating good poems....>>>
    Its nice and LOVE IT[I totally like it]...>>>
    You have an awesome description of emotions and feelings..>>>
    You`ve might become a great poetess some day.>>>>
    I loved her so much.... i would dare to risk my own life only to save her from dying....
    I loved my GF...

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    Re: What is love?

    Raw and emotional. This example of prose poetry conveys alot and the interesting use of the english language is fascinating as well. A clever use of the word rite is one of the few original plays on teh english syntax I have seen since Autumn by Phoenixsara.

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    Question Re: What is love?

    Lovely. <3

    -Joke drumroll-

    "Love is looking beyond someones appearance, and admiring the soul inside. It's knowing a persons imperfections, physically, emotionally, psychically, mentally, and knowing all this - and loving them anyway. But as well as that, you love the soul for its changes, the way it matures over the years, and develops. It's never REALLY a person or body you love, but rather, the glow the person gives off. You love what makes them, them."

    "It feels like you've met them before."

    "I think of love as one of those big black leathery goth bags, that grows bigger and fatter and heavier on your back the more time passes. Eventually, if the bag bursts, much in the same way that a relationship dies explosively, the spikes of it can be pretty painful."

    "It's when you can't get someone out of your mind, and you think of them daily."

    "Your partner inspires you."

    "As long as you live, even if you end up hating them, you'll never forget them."

    "Love is risk, gambling everything on another person, in the hope that the feelings they share are as strong as yours are for them."

    "It's an overwhelming desire to be with someone. Even if one doesnt really need the other, or their even a burden to eachother, if theres love, they should always stick through it."

    "Its attempting to care for and guide someone that is never truly yours, because theres always the risk that they will walk away if you squeeze them too tight. You can only hope that they will choose to be with you on their own, always."

    "When you dont have that person in your arms, you dont feel as happy anymore. Your chest feels heavy. It can be hard to breathe."

    "Sometimes you fight because your worried about eachother."

    "Its about knowing when a person needs you, what their feeling, and not when to say goodbye... rather to know how to give the person time, and let them find themselves."

    "Indeed, love is all things that can be described by a person, but there never really is any way to put a descriptive word on it. The simple word love is at once the label, and the description. As with Shakespeare's Romeo and Juliet, and other plays, it is the focal point of many things in life. The reader is always left wondering whether it will have a happy or sad ending, due to the fact that, a bit like nature, love is composed of both positive and negative aspects. The pain of love is an emotional high, humans love it, as much as they fear it - they cannot live without the teachings of pain."

    "The pain is described as a burning, of fire, of the flame. Why is this?"

    "Shakespeare's plays show the positive and negative aspects of love fluently, and the effects caused by it can either keep us warm at night, or like the starcrossed lovers, will eventually be the death of us. The point is, it is human to be this way. People cannot truly escape the burning teachings of love, no more than they can escape the feeling itself. Shakespeare portrays it as a good thing, and a bad thing, a gift and a tragedy, but something that ultimately, is right, above all things."

    "You can always have love. But if you seek it too much.. if you get burned too often, you can die from it, physically or spiritually. Like a moth to a flame. Such is Shakespeare's lesson."

    (Random excerpt on love from my manga. ^_^) ~<3

    My name ish Steph! -Poses as cape flaps in wind- DX
    -=::/ Tanshin Art Studio \::=-

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