Why can't i just sit here
waiting for my charming blue?
well I'm about to tell you
all the truth.

My parents forbade me
when i was fourteen
from staying out after 12:00
roaming the streets.

Oh but what they didn't know
is that i was in my room
all night long..
crying for you.

I feel so grown up
so out of place
i don't even feel
like i made one mistake.

I can't remember right now
when i was a little girl
all the time just thinking of candy
and all day following squirrels.

You see what one day
love made me do
i might be doing something stupid
just for you.

Then one day i couldn't resist
I ran to your door
i hugged and kissed you
soon we fell to the floor.

The next day i realized
and said,"what have i done?!"
how could i have been stupid
how could i have been so dumb?

So now you know
of what love could do to me
but thank god
it was just a dream.