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Thread: What are we?

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    What are we?

    Is anybody on this earth
    Or are we a fragment of our own imagination
    What exactly is birth?
    Or are we a historical significance
    feels as if we are alone
    and everybody else just reflected in mirrors
    those fragments that break
    every time the mirror cracks
    and every time you're stabbed
    it feels as if the world has turned on you

    Are we alone?
    can we even call this our home
    what if we call ourselves illusions
    and in the end could we live in our own circles

    what are we in this nature?
    Are we flesh or a creature?
    we were brought into this world alone
    with nobody to hold us alone
    our hearts tortured
    And our bodies fractured

    Nobody to give you comfort
    we might as well be alone
    with nobody else
    We are all delusions in those mirrors


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    Re: What are we?

    WOW...In one word...
    It's really good...
    We always asked that our selfs...
    I did it...Well...
    We people always seek for answers...
    And well this is something we are trying to find an answer for...
    Keep it up...
    Good to see more poems from you...^_^...
    Bye Bye..*Waves*...
    We are affraid of losing controle...But why should you be affraid of losing it...While you didnt have it...

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