"O sister, we have so much inside to explore
instead we throw each other to the floor
we could have a heart to heart once more
if only we'd cease to walk out the door"

"O sister, can you remember all the good times we missed
before we slung and cleanched our fists
we don't even laugh and talk anymore
anger and rage cracks deep inside
our most mightest core"

"O sister, I can't even sleep without you being seen
can't stand it wish you'd stay out my dreams
what will it take for you to understand just what i mean
without you changing it into a scene"

"O sister, don't push forward just be still
if you try then i will
we enter a room where peace was still until
we release how we feel"

"O sister, now that you have my attention
I listen
to your whimpering cry because of the deep cut in your shoulder
from the sharpest knife in the kitchen
I also feel the sting from where i have been beaten"

"O sister, should we keep on beating each other
till we nolonger care how much it hurts
or should we throw this life away
and follow where our bruised hearts say
even if they lead nowhere"

Dear sister, let me tell you what time told me
the reason for our quarrels was i was an image of you,
you were a image of me
every moonlight quietly my tears pour
because my dreams of nolonger hearing words from your lips anymore
nomatter how harsh they are...

Suddenly, I drop my pen because something struck my feet
which leads me to where our eyes meet
then silence... i fail to speak
then she takes my hand and kisses my cheek
she says -

"O sister, even though i'm far away i can still feel the pain
only at a different pace and it breaks through all the rest
days go by and i realize that you and i are much alike"

"My sister, i hope you know this took much pride
to accept what i now percieve
spending half my life in show down with me
you stand in my shadow ,the mirror shows your reflection
and your heart beat matches mine"

"O sister, this life has been torn, you are what i adore
the battle is over that left us sore
so we can start off from
what we've been fighting for!"