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Thread: What You Are ._.

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    Post What You Are ._.

    Hi Hi !! XD well this poem i written for my friend that we miss old times , and in one day everything changed ... she think that i have changed at her , so i give this poem for her ..

    one thing that i can say about her that she is my twin soul ...

    *when i see you i feel a warm breeze coming from your eyes ...
    *you build my sky that i can fly ...
    *you were my wings that i can fly with ...
    *but,my wings fall since everything changed ...
    *why?when?a question rang my head ...
    *our memories always with me , always make me laugh, always make me cry ...
    *i always think what i did ...
    *heart like glass , but it's broken to too many pieces now ...
    *i made a mistake and i don't know what it will takes but .. i know now ...
    *i wish i can live our memories once more ... cuz i love you ...
    *you were the flame that made me warm ...
    *you are my shadow that never vanish ...
    *you are part of me now ...

    *i really miss you

    thank you all for reading it ... =^_^=
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    Re: What You Are ._.

    Wow O.O.......... *silence*.....*fall of the chair and hit the head on a brick*..... (I really need to clean all this up soon). Really, really good poem ^^ i can't wait to read more of your work Rose

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