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Thread: What's wrong with you.

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    What's wrong with you.

    Im lost in a state, stuck in the middle, my father was never there, now he's tryna be there.
    Just wanna disappear, leave, take off from it all, no way out, no way to escape.
    Mother smoke to ****** much to know whats going on, I dislike you , **** it I hate you.
    You made me live in the ghetto, while drug dealers surrounded us, dont wanna give up, dont wanna forget about it, no answer's for my life, no reply, juss wanna fade away...
    My father hits the bottle, he still doesn't know im here, cant do it, cant think about it, as blood leaks out of my viens, the pains draining, the blood trickles to the floor, nothing to look forward to, hate the rules.
    That why I gotta, thats why I have to, because im hating everything round me.

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    Re: What's wrong with you.

    aww... thats so sad.... hm... no one deserves to go through something like that.. hm..

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