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Thread: When Angels fall

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    When Angels fall

    When do you think happens when angels fall
    It was something I never knew,
    Until I came across a fallen angel
    The angel that was you.

    You changed my life,
    Wiped away my tears,
    I hoped and prayed I would never lose you,
    You were the key to curing my fears.

    For days and nights on end
    I prayed that you'd be mine,
    So I could live in eternal happiness
    Until the end of time.

    It was something I wasn't sure of,
    A silent fear inside my heart,
    Something I was afraid to express
    But then my world fell apart.

    I made the wrong move,
    A simple error in life,
    Now I find myself even more alone,
    With even more trouble and strife.

    I hate myself for ruining things,
    It was not what I wanted at all,
    So I'll sit in my sleepless solitude,
    Waiting for the next time angels fall.

    ( I was forced to write this by my sister and her freinds
    and I was also forced to wear a pair of her pants T-T I kinda looked good in them o.o )

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    Re: When Angels fall

    Nice poem by the way. I liked it a lot cause it deals with angels a bit but it has a sadness well to me but it's just good as you can say. I hope to see more!
    「When I'm sad, I stop being sad and be awesome instead」

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