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Thread: When Dreams Collide

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    When Dreams Collide

    "Go take your soul, make an ode to the lonely-hearted." And so I did.

    Here's some cheese by yours truly. I had to get this off my chest as soon as I could.

    When Dreams Collide

    She set out for a stroll one day
    Beneath the silver clouds of May
    With sun-parched leaves beneath her feet
    And knowing that it’s him she’ll meet
    Across the field; meet him she does –
    He’s not one to betray her trust –
    So to the rippling brook they go
    And side by side; but does she know
    He wouldn’t take her by the hand?

    For his heart beats with other plans:
    “Not for the lovely dame with me
    But for the one in dreams I see,
    Sometimes I think of how she’s been
    Last time we met, we were thirteen
    The skies were bluer, days were fair
    And answers to each other’s prayers
    We both were; but for keeps? Oh, no
    For sep’rate ways we had to go
    So we made promises back then

    Like ‘To make sure we meet again’
    To young hearts, that would seem certain
    But the years wear down, just like rain,
    The mem’ries… But I won’t forget!”
    And thus on her his mind did set.
    But what of her who’s with him now?
    Seemingly looking at the boughs
    Of trees in bloom; she steals a glance
    Of him as he drifts by, her chance!
    And suddenly, it all comes down.

    And then the whole world makes no sound.

    His hearth, it burns
    But not for her.
    How does she know?
    In his eyes, it shows.

    ‘Twas a hint, yet one so strong
    That now she really can’t be wrong
    Thoroughly ripped apart inside, at most
    Woe is her, love’s labors lost!
    All thoughts of her lips to his,
    Gone – the wind is all that’s left for her to kiss
    She puts on a grin, but that won’t stay
    ‘Til the end of the stroll she took one day
    With him, warm yet distant, beneath the silver clouds of May.
    Plus ça change, plus c'est la même chose.

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    Re: When Dreams Collide

    *sniffle* beautyful that was so good you should make more
    Assistant Commander *Master Ninja*

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    Re: When Dreams Collide

    Oh that is so sweet....I love it, but it is also sad....I hope to see more.

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