-Chapter Two-

Several days later I was released from the hospital. No one came for me. And I had not seen my mysterious man again. I sighed as I walked home but then it began to rain. All seemed grey to me and I felt weak. Looking ahead of me I saw a welcoming sight but it vanished before I could call out to him. I was still confused.

Dreams and thoughts of him pervaded my life. I could not understand why he had disappeared as he had. I sighed once more as I entered my apartment building. I was soaked through from the rain and shivering with cold. Getting to my door I stood there feeling everything moving around me. I then felt myself begin to fall and then I blacked out.

“Don’t worry…you’re safe now…”

I heard his voice in my dreams. That comforting and beautiful voice. The voice that was becoming ever a familiarity. I could feel the strength in his arms and then the softness of my bed against my back. My eyes fluttered open then and I saw his face looking down at me caringly and concerned at me. His eyes seemed to glow in the darkness of my room and yet I was aware that there were candles burning in my room. The soft vanilla scent was unmistakable and I breathed in deeply and stretched, smiling slightly though nervously.

“Where have you been?” I asked him almost uncertain of myself for asking. He smiled softly and then brushing the hair from my face he kissed my forehead softly. A chill ran through my body and yet I delighted in the feeling. “I could not stay for fear that I be caught there with you…it isn’t exactly safe to be around you. But I am here and I’m going to stay as long as I am able to. Ok?”

I nodded though it was still unclear to me how this was even possible. This man looking down at me I had come to trust so quickly and I knew that he could be trusted. But it was still an odd thing once I thought about it. I wanted more explained to me but I knew it was not the time. He stood up then and walked out of the room leaving me there confused as always. Peering back into the room he smiled,” you might want to change before you get sick…”

I sighed and nodded. I got out of my bed after he disappeared again and walked into my bathroom. Turning the light on I was suddenly overcome with memories of the night I had tried to take my life. I could see myself, eyes stricken with grief over my loss. My body began to shake uncontrollably as I saw myself in such a wretched state, crying out with no one to comfort me. I fell to my knees overcome with sadness and I hit the floor with my hands. Then something peculiar happened. As I shut my eyes to try and block everything out it seemed as though memories from my childhood began to play in my mind. Memories I had lost.

I opened my eyes feeling rather odd and getting up I went to the sink. Looking at my reflection I looked at how drawn my once bright green eyes looked. My face, though clear, looked pale and almost sickly. I turned away and sat down against the bathtub and put my hands through my mid-back length dark brown and red hair. I sighed out of confusion (not for the last time) and wondered to myself if maybe I was going crazy and not just imagining everything. But no I could not be.

I got up and changed as I had intended to and after drying my still damp hair I went to the sink and washed my face. Afterwards I then went out of my room feeling rather parched. Once in the living room I saw the mysterious figure in the living room staring out the window watching the rain fall. I looked at him for a few moments and then went into the kitchen.

“Are you feeling better?” His voice came from behind me. I turned slightly and looked at him over my shoulder as I retrieved a glass from the cupboard. “I suppose I am…it’s a little hard to tell at this point…”

He nodded and then going back to the front door he retrieved the bag of medicine I had brought from the hospital and set it on the counter. Pulling out my medication I was prescribed and some gauze and tape he set them on the counter and then threw the bag away. He sighed and watched as I got the water from the sink. I looked at him as I took a sip of water and I could not help but wonder if maybe I had known him from sometime during my childhood. Memories burned me with curiosity. I looked down and frowned.

“Are you ok?” he asked me softly. He came towards me and I turned my gaze to him. Looking at him reminded me of a memory half-whispered in the corners of my mind. A memory I could not grasp. It was rather frustrating.

“I’m ok…I just…I feel like I do know you.” I looked away a blush coming to my face. I wanted to scream and yell and cry but I knew it would get me nowhere. I sighed.

“I did not realize that they were so extensive in wiping the memories of me from your mind…” he stood there, fists clenched again and he turned away looking out the window above the kitchen sink. I looked at him a little perplexed. Who was ‘They’? He had mentioned them before several times but only then did I start to wonder.

“Who are you talking about…when you say ‘They’?” I asked quietly, unsure if I should ask or not. He looked at me and then down to the floor shaking his head. “It would be better if you did not know…it would only put you at risk. For, you see, even just my being here is a threat to you…”

I gazed at him wondering just what it was he was saying. “But you had said you were sent to watch over me…why? What the purpose in your looking over me?” I was becoming more and more frustrated as things were unraveling and I wanted answers. He brought his eyes to mine and his eyes seemed to flicker slightly. He then shook his head and walked out of the kitchen. Walking after him, after setting my glass of water down, I called out to him.

“H-hey! Please don’t walk away from me! What is so special about me?!” I stood there and suddenly he was there in front of me, his hands clutching my arms. He stared deeply into my eyes and then spoke to me.

“you are special in every way to me, but the reason why I was called to watch over you in the first place has something to do with a power that which resides hidden in you. A power that is going to awaken soon. I took this job not because I wanted to, but because I was forced to…and I found happiness…” his eyes seemed to be gleaming with the happiness of that time and I just stared at him taking his words in. he let go of my arms and his hands slid down to mine and held them. My heart pounded in my chest and I looked down blushing. He continued.

“You became my reason for being in this world and with each passing day I could not help but wonder if you would ever come to know me…I…I guess I was hoping that you would also come to love me. When you were younger and lived in the countryside I took on the guise of a young boy…do you remember? I became friends with you in spite of the warnings I received from those I took orders from. I was told again and again that if I was not careful that the consequences would be extensive. And they were. You began talking about me to your parents and they in turn took you away from that place we used to play at. Do you remember the waterfall?”

He looked down at me hoping I had. I thought about it and it seemed I remembered something but it always slipped away. I took my hands from his and walked into the living room and looked out the window. Sighing, I realized for the first time just how empty my life had been because of the fact that I had had my memories of those times spent with him erased. If only I could remember more. If only I could recall those days…

Coming up beside me he put a hand on my shoulder and I turned towards him and looked into his eyes. They looked at me with sadness and taking one of my hands I placed it against his brow and then slowly caressed his cheek. His flesh seemed familiar to touch.

“Why can’t I remember you…what is it about you that I had to have my memories of you erased…” I said in barely a whisper. A tear slid down my cheek slowly. Outside a thunder storm raged on. The sound of the booming thunder made me jump slightly and he took my hand that was on his cheek and gently kissed it. Then he held it against his chest. I felt nothing. I looked at his chest and then at him.

“I am not supposed to feel anything…because I have no heart. I am no angel by any means, but a demon sent to watch over you, to kill you the day you found your angelic powers…” his eyes had darkened and he then let go of my hand and stepped back. I looked at him and shook my head from side to side. I was in disbelief, a demon? I did not want to believe him.

“You can’t be a demon…because you saved me. Why would you do that if your intention was to kill me all along?” I stepped back and felt the wall against my back. He stepped forward and then stopped. There was a pained look on his face and he looked out the window unable to look me in the eye.

“I…I don’t know why but it seems that even though I have no heart I have still managed to recover those feelings that I had at one point in my waking life. The remnants of my heart are still there though not in physical form. I saved you because I want you to live…I do not know if I could stand the thought of you dying. I disobeyed my master in order to protect you from him…” he stopped and turned towards the window. I walked towards him and though this new information scared me I could not help but feel that I could still trust him. He turned towards me as I slipped my arms around his waist and as I put my head against his chest he wrapped his arms around me gently. He smiled softly, gladdened for my choice to still trust him and put his head close to mine and closed his eyes.

Outside the storm raged on, yet there on the sidewalk stood someone staring at the two in the window embracing one another. Lightning flashed and his eyes perceived the demons’ wings and her angels’ wings. He smirked. “So it begins…” he said softly and then disappeared