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Thread: Where is "this?"

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    Where is "this?"

    For those who work retail...

    Excuse me miss
    is the costumer's start
    Can you tell me where is this
    Is the further remark
    Oh god not again
    Not another stupid "guest"
    Backwards they make me bend
    So off I go on a quest
    Looking for the ever allusive "this"
    I walk around the stands
    hoping the "this" isn't something I missed
    "faster", the guest demands
    So quicker I go around
    looking for the allusive "this"
    making all kinds of rude sounds
    I was getting a little pissed
    As tensions run high
    Time quickly slides by
    The "guest" needs to leave by five
    Somehow I think that's a lie
    To me everything is fine
    Although the guest grunts
    and says, "never mind"
    then grumbles something like ****
    Off in a hurry they storm all pissed
    Leaving me somehow... magically
    Right next to the "this"

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