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Thread: Where is Christmas?

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    Where is Christmas?

    Merry Christmas how times have changed no
    more good in the world , its all gone away last night
    a pregnant woman was shot in the head she died in
    an instant with her husband to blame.

    Christmas is over no matter how many smiles
    a child killed by drive by how much will it take?
    the smile and the tears the christmas spirit uncaring
    why must pain and loss bring the tidings when all we
    want is cheer.

    Merry Christmas to you , what does this mean ? the
    real is life and we waist it stupidly so to all i wish a
    merry christmas and i hope your life isnt waisted too...
    short and sweet like evrything thing but to me christmas
    is more than smiles and hugs and loving somone its about
    aprecaiting eachother , there have been 16 deaths in 2 days
    in a city near me , where is the christmas about being kind
    to each other?

    comments and suggestions are welcomed
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    Re: Where is Christmas?

    I ahve to agree with you. Christmas time is supposed to be sweet but sometimes it turns sour.
    It's snowing here and I feel happy but now I feel remorse.
    I like the poem. It speaks the forbidden gospel.

    R.I.P. To those who you speak of

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    Re: Where is Christmas?

    That's a very depressing poem, dude...

    It does get your feeling across quite nicely. I too am saddened by people's acts over a season that's supposed to be about love and kindness. However, shouldn't every season be that way? When one thinks about it, it would be very nice if everyone just stopped hurting each other.

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