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Thread: Where A Rainbow Ends

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    Where A Rainbow Ends

    I have seen so many things.
    From the throes of despair
    Lived higher than some kings.
    A museum opened to air.
    Stood over the tombs of legends.
    I have seen where a rainbow ends.

    Triumphs of the human soul,
    Burning passion, desire froze cold
    Dead cut short before their goal.
    Kyoto Temples made of gold.
    Saw the young to heaven fate sends.
    I have seen where a rainbow ends.

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    Re: Where A Rainbow Ends

    I like it. All the poems I've read that were written by you have great diction. The only thing I would say is that the poem feels a little short, like it should be going on for at least another stanza or two. It ends too abruptly. But I'm also a long poem sort of person, so that could be why.
    "desire froze cold" doesn't sound grammatically correct to me. I think it should be "frozen".

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