Where are thee?

Endlessly I search for you,
The one in which I think about.
I yearn for the touch of your skin,
The one that I never could feel.
My gaze looking at the passing time,
Never holding back the tears that come.
Would we one day be together,
Again under the metallic bus that we had met.
Could there not be another rainy day,
Where I climbed a hill to meet you.
Will there be an instant,
When my writing will reach out to you.
Forever the dream goes on,
Life is a mystery that all move about,
Centimetre by centimetre,
As the cherry blossom petals fall…

Inspired by:

YouTube - 5 Centimeters Per Second Trailer (though I watched the movie, so this is a small trailer)

Also by something from my past

Note: Listened to end credits while writing this.