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Thread: whispers in the wind

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    whispers in the wind

    Your whispers are gentle echoes
    that sway ardent winds of harmony
    and in the symphony of life
    each word is wrapped in rhapsody.

    We travel separate roads of life
    gather flowers along the way and
    share the music of their fragrance.

    We exist between two winds,
    I here under a pale moon
    you, the other end of somewhere.

    Sometimes when wind blows through trees
    I pause to listen and in its passing
    I hear the tenderness of your voice
    that fills the spectrum of my soul.

    You are the chime of warm rain,
    the moon that glows through the trees
    and within the luster of evening
    your aura fills the scene.

    I hear the whispers of the wind
    see the stars shine in the sky,
    but I hold the sunrise in my pocket.

    Dance with me within the wind,
    then just let me love you.

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    Re: whispers in the wind

    great job! are these your first poems? if they are then your awesome!

    Meow. :3

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    Re: whispers in the wind

    This is not your work; this is a poem by Orania Hamilton.

    Love Poem 122 - Love Poems And Quotes
    Canadian Federation of Poets - Orania Hamilton

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