White light

Inside or out,
We all are blessed.
With the feeling of hope inside of us,
Nothing stands stronger than oneself.
Granting a moment of peace throughout,
Feeling it touch you and feeling good inside.

Holding, grasping, absorbing,
Reaching out to it all.
Floating in your mind,
Calling out to everyone out there.
Running on an endless thought,
Crying out a single word.

While the wait may be long,
There is no despair in the air.
As the answer comes from somewhere,
There is only one thing expressed.
Fleeting ideas that are no more,
Granting white light that is warmer than love.

Not sure if came out well, but hey, I tried and it came out. Was thinking about hope all the way. Listened to "It's all coming back to me now' sang by Celine Dion, 99 red baloons sang in English by Nana and finally voices in English from Macross Plus. Cya all next time :P