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Thread: Whose Blackberry,Razr,Sidekick You're On...

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    Whose Blackberry,Razr,Sidekick You're On...

    O' poisonous Blackberry
    Sharp deadly Razr
    Troublesome Sidekick

    My 2yr. contract didn't explain all this
    The fact that your loyalty holds no bounds
    You will tell it all
    Just by a ring tone sound

    Your call log is like an open blog
    Telling whose conversation is big or small
    Must I go on cause this is not all

    You have many gadgets & features to disguise
    The fact that you can be so sly
    You're very talkative even on silent
    So there is no need acting shy

    <I try to lock you> !!!

    To keep my secrets at a bay & hide
    Somehow you let them jump out like they're yelling "SURPRISE"
    You have two personalities
    Dr. Jekyll & Mr. Hyde

    O' poisonous Blackberry
    Sharp deadly Razr
    Troublesome Sidekick

    Your split personalities is the reason behind all this

    <And questions like>...

    Which one will I meet with today... Which???
    The best friend that keep any secrets it gets
    Or the back stabbing prick

    <The one I had on that day>

    When my girlfriend & it had to conversate
    It decided to tell all & snitch
    Told everything & ended me & her just that quick

    <Just a warning to all & know this>

    Before you make secret calls
    And have your phone know all your business

    <Just remember the>

    O' poisonous Blackberry
    Deadly sharp Razr
    Troublesome Sidekick

    * I was going to go a different direction with this, but my mind wouldn't let me at this moment... It is kinda cheezy I know, but I am still up to hearing it from any of you all & I know "conversate isn't a word, just wanted it to flow better with the writing.

    The heart can't lie... Truth is... I love you!!!

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    Re: Whose Blackberry,Razr,Sidekick You're On...

    Hahahaha.... Remember this, to a female whos looking for dirt. Your troublesome sidekick is a girls best friend. ^^

    This poem was great. Funny, original, and quite nicely written.
    ... Not Ever Again...

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