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Thread: Why?

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    Why can't you give me a reason to go to war?
    Is it because of all the lives that surely must be lost?
    Should you find even one good reason, I'd find twenty against it.
    How many more must die until this bloodshed will end?

    How can you look at me straight while asking me to kill my friends?
    Are there any answers to my pleas?
    "Pretend that everything is alright and it will go away!?"
    "Practise makes perfect ," that's what you tell me!?
    "It's hopeless for a world of peace!?"
    "Nations will always fight for what they believe is right!?"
    Every soldier who dies...
    Surely they are something more then the tag around their neck!
    Something more then a means to fight a war!

    You tell me that I should fight for what is right, and I am!
    Only I do it in my own way healing hate with love!
    Understanding is key; yet you call murder humane, "so long as it's in war."


    I AM just not cut out to be a military dog.
    Ask yourselves... Is all really fair in love and war?
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